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New KWP Convertor is now available

In 1999 Tamil Nadu Government introduced two variations for Tamil fonts known as TAM / TAB fonts. These are typically called as TN99 standard fonts. Our KWP 3.03 Wordprocessor was released around that time based on these font standard. Modern day word processors use UNICODE format, which is easier to distribute and supports all the known languages. To convert KWP files to RTF format we have introduced this application. This application will convert all your KWP files to "*.RTF" and *_UC.RTF" files. The former file will retain the original TAM / TAB font while the later will convert the fonts to UNICODE font. This is a long awaited program and with this, conversion utility, you could move your files to latest format, thus saving on your investment and time. Note: You do not need to install KWP for this program to work. To learn about the features, please click here


Kamban Unicode Convertor ver 1.0 is now available

Kamban Unicode Convertor will convert Government of Tamil Nadu TN99 standard  TAM / TAB font encoding, TSCII standard and Adhawin font encoding to Unicode format. Also for the first time, we have introduced Kannada Font encoding conversion. Fonts supported are: Shree Lipi font and Nudi Font. This program is built as a Universal convertor with facilities to add more Indian Languages and Font encodings. Most important feature is to convert all encoded Language and font encoding in RTF files automatically. You can use this program to convert all your files to Unicode and prepare for future storage and presentation. To learn about the features, please click here


KWPLite ver 4.0 Build 320 is now available

To Support UNICODE and also to ensure multiple language input Kamban Software has just released KWPLITE to coincide with Microsoft Windows 8 release. This version is tested for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. Feel free to download the trial version.

If you are satisfied, you can buy the license key from shopping mall. We will provide you with additional fonts and unlock the trial version for unlimited editing features.

Kamban Word Processor KWP 3.03

KWP 3.03 is now released. This is an upgrade version for users of KWP ver 3.01 and ver 3.02. This version provides support for Phonetic Keyboard Layout. If you are users of ver 3.01 and ver 3.02 and registered with us, you are entitled for a free upgrade. If you have not registered, then please register here. Once registered, kindly contact us for upgrade.

KWP 3.03 will work with all version of Microsoft Windows including Microsoft Windows 8.1 update and Microsoft Windows 10.


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