• All our support are limited to eMail Support only. None of our dealers can provide support for our products.
  • Please note that we do not provide any support for Operating Systems (OS) including Microsoft. It is assumed that the user has basic OS skills.
  • Support for following products are withdrawn - KWPLite ver 3.0, Unicode Editor, TBEdit & TMail.
  • Our fonts are supplied as-is only. You are encouraged to check the trial versions before buying. We do not provide installation instructions of fonts for Linux, Apple iOS or Smart Phones.
  • If you do not find any information you need please do not hesitate to contact us


Manuals / Help / Installation instructions for all our products

For free PDF (Portable Document Format) viewer check here
XPS (XML Paper Specification) comes free with Windows 7 and above. Details of XPS Viewer can be found here.
Kamban Software End User License Agreement - applicable to all products. EULA EULA pdf
KWP Convertor - Help Manual Font Samples XPS Font Samples PDF
Unicode Convertor - Help Manual Font Samples XPS Font Samples PDF
Font Samples. Complete variation of our supplied fonts Font Samples XPS Font Samples PDF
Registration Key Installation Instructions for KWPLite ver 4.0 Reg Key Installation XPS Reg Key Installation PDF
Kamban Word Processor Lite - User Manual KWPLite Manual XPS KWPLite Manual PDF
Fonts Installation for Windows Font Installation XPS Font Installation PDF
Kamban Phonetic Keyboard chart for all languages Phonetic Keyboard Chart XPS Phonetic Keyboard Chart XPS
Regional Language and Keyboard installation for XP, Vista and Windows 7 Keyboard Install XPS Keyboard Install PDF
Kamban Software - bundled keyboard Layouts Keyboard Layout XPS Keyboard Layout PDF