Kamban Unicode Convertor:

This is a simple convetor program for converting all your KWP files to RTF format and the ASCII based Font encodings to Unicode. This program will convert all your KWP files and provide two output files - filename.rtf and filename_UC.rtf. The first file is RTF format with the same TAM / TAB fonts. The second one is RTF format with TAM / TAB fonts converted to Unicode. The program allows for converting files individually or in a batch file mode. The program will also optionally convert TAM / TAB fonts in RTF files to Unicode format.

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Salient Features of the KWP Convertor is provided below:

  • Convert all your Kamban Word Processor (KWP) files to RTF and Unicode format
  • Automatic conversion of TAM / TAB fonts to Unicode based fonts. (All TAM / TAB fonts supplied with KWP are available as Unicode version. Details can be found here: Unicode Fonts
  • No need to have Kamban Word Processor installed
  • No need to have any TAM / TAB fonts or Unicode fonts installed
  • Ability to convert Numbers to Unicode version of Tamil Numbers
  • Support for Tamil Special Characters
  • Automatic conversion of Single file or Batch File processing
  • Maintain log of converted files
  • Ease of use and simple operation

...and more. 

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