Kamban Unicode Convertor:

This is a simple but powerful Universal convetor program for converting ASCII based Font encodings to Unicode. This program will convert all your Text and RTF files with old Font encoding to Unicode format. With a simple and easy to use interface, you can select files that you want to convert. Font encodings currently supported are:

  • For Tamil: TAM / TAB, TSCII, Adhawin.
  • For Kannada: Shree851 and Nudi.

The program is flexible to accept all Indian Languages and font encodings. When RTF file is selected for conversion, the program will automatically identify the font encodings and convert them for all languages. To help this "automate process", the program has the facility for a user to provide font names and their encodings. This is a simple Text file that can be edited. Optionally the Unicode Font to replace the original font can also be provided. During the conversion process, the program will refer to this file to identify the fonts and their encodings for conversion. One of the biggest advantage of this program is that there is no need to have the original Font installed on your system.

This program will not only save the user of re-typing the old Font Encoding files, but also will preserve the original Format when RTF files are supplied. All your documents based on the old encoded files can now be converted to Unicode and be ready for next generation of storage and presentation.

This is our first attempt to provide a Universal Convertor. We need your feedback and help. If you have any font that need conversion, do let us know.

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Salient Features of Kamban Unicode Convertor

  • Easy to use Application with Text Prompting to help you when your mouse hovers over controls.
  • Currently provides support for Tamil and Kannada, with more languages and fonts to follow suit.
  • Can convert Tamil Nadu's Government Standard TAM / TAB, TSCII standard and Adhawin standard font encoding to Unicode.
  • For the first time introduction of converting Kannada fonts - ShreeLipi and Nudi to Unicode format
  • Facility to open RTF or Text files and convert them to Unicode format. Also you can choose to save in RTF or Text format. No format is lost when the fonts are converted and saved in RTF
  • When RTF files are selected, the program is intelligent to automatically convert all the fonts, defined in all the languages, without any user interaction
  • Facility to assist the "Auto Conversion process in RTF" by the user providing a list of fonts, their encodings and optional substitute font in a text file.  
  • Multiple header and encoding facility - UTF-8, UTF-16. This allows sharing of files across various platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, UNIX, Android etc) without losing any information.
  • Facility to select Arabic Numerals or Numerals denoted by the language
  • Compatibility with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

...and more. 

Note: This is our first attempt to provide a Universal convertor. We want to cover all Indian Languages and as many font encoding as possible. The program is built with flexibility to add these language options without having to make major version changes. If you have any font encoding which you would like to convert to Unicode for free, do contact us.

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At Kamban we believe in simplicity and ease of use. We understand that all our users are not technical. We strive to provide better software and listen to feedback from our customers to provide timely updates and bug fixes.