Tested for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 only

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At Kamban we believe in simplicity and ease of use. We understand that all our users are not technical. We strive to provide better software and listen to feedback from our customers to provide timely updates and bug fixes.

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Salient features of KWP ver 3.03


  • Tamil and English typing.
  • Ability to type in English for Tamil words - Phonetic Keyboard layout.
  • Choice of Tamil / English Menus, Message Boxes, Dialog Boxes Status Bar Messages and Tips.
  • Automated Tamil and English spell check. When spell check is in progress, the program is intelligent to differentiate between English, Tamil and Bilingual fonts and select appropriate dictionary.
  • Automated Table of Contents using style sheet. This automatically updates page nos. as the document is edited.
  • Supports multiple file format: TSCII encoding, Bi-lingual encoding, New RTF format, and HTML Layout.
  • Inserting clipart images and Table Layouts.
  • Newspaper style multiple column layout.
  • Footnote feature to add and edit Footnotes.
  • Multiple styles, fonts, colours and paragraph formatting.
  • Find, Replace, Go to Page Nos. and Bookmark features.
  • Bookmark compatible with the new RTF format.
  • Windows 2000 user interface style.
  • Clipart Gallery consisting of over 200 images.
  • On Screen Header and Footer editing.
  • Separate first page header and footer.
  • Bullets and Numbering.
  • Ruler, Status Bar, Format Bar and Tool Bar.
  • Paragraphs, Indenting and Tabs.
  • Multiple sectioned layout.
  • Automated Drop Caps.
  • 25 different fonts.
  • Intelligent Font replacement, without affecting Tamil characters in English Font or English characters in Tamil font.
  • Choice of four keyboard layouts - Govt. Standard, Kamban standard and Typewriter style plus the new Phonetic Typing facility.

...and much more