Unicode Fonts for Tamil

All our Unicode Fonts are tested for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Our Main font - Kalyani and Maduram are provided with Ubuntu Linux distribution. We have provided Akshar Font to mobile phone developers as a single font to represent all Indian Languages. The package consists of easy installation of fonts for Windows Platform. For Linux and MacOS, the user can refer to the respective OS manual for installation. Our Font package consists of the following fonts, which you can include in your application or documents:

  1. Maduram - English and Tamil
  2. Jyothi - English and Tamil
  3. Pari - English and Tamil
  4. Barathi - English and Tamil
  5. Kadambri - English and Tamil
  6. Kalyani - English and Tamil
  7. Mullai - English and Tamil
  8. Nellai - English and Tamil
  9. Shenbagam - English and Tamil
  10. Valli - English and Tamil
  11. Akshar - English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Tamil and Telugu

If you have any requirement for development of Fonts for Indian Languages, please contact us. To download this product, click here

Salient features of our Unicode Fonts

  • Contains all defined Unicode characters for Tamil including Sanskrit Variations.
  • Contains Special Characters - Tamil "Om".
  • Contains Tamil Numerals and Symbols for day, month, "as above", Tamil numerals 100, 1000.
  • Contains the latest Rupee Symbol announced by Govt. of India.
  • Fully embeddable and re distributable.
  • Fully supported for Linux and Apple Mac OS.
  • Complete compatibility with Postscript printing and the latest e-book Format and readers.
  • Four Keyboard Layouts - KWP Standard, DOE Standard, TN Govt Standard and Typewriter Standard.
  • Installation package for Windows XP, Vista and Window 7. Re distributable Zip format (fonts only) for Linux and Mac OS.
  • Check these fonts in various format in the Font Sample File which is in pdf Format.

To download font package which consists of 10 Unicode fonts and 4 Keyboard Layouts please visit Download section.

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