Support Policy

In order to provide most of our products free, we need to keep the cost down. We are confident you will agree with us. We have provided our support policy below:

  1. All our software support are limited to Email support only, irrespective of paid / purchased product or free products.
  2. We do not support Operating System queries or issues. We assume that the user downloading our products understand the concept of saving files, installation and also unzipping files should the files are provided in Zip format.
  3. All our manuals are in PDF format. We assume users have the knowledge of opening and reading PDF files
  4. All the queries requiring support must be sent through “Contact Form” only. We do not encourage direct Email unless replying to our mails. Any query directly sent to us will be unanswered.

For Corporates and Businesses can purchase a paid subscription for support. Please contact us for details