Kamban Keyboard for Unicode Typing in Tamil

Kamban Keyboard is a Windows based program that will facilitate Tamil typing. The keyboard can be used in all Windows Applications thus eliminating a need for using any additional external programs. You can use any of these keyboards in your favourite Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop or similar applications. Keyboards bundled with this application are:

  • Kamban Keyboard - KWP Standard
  • Tamil Nadu Government Keyboard - TN99 Standard
  • DOE Universal Keyboard - DOE Standard for Tamil
  • Tamil Typewriter Layout - Typewriter standard.

To understand and use any of these keyboard Layouts in Windows, please read our detailed manual. Keyboards are not provided separately. They are bundled with our Unicode Fonts to keep the price low. To download this product, click here

Salient features of Keyboard & Fonts

  • Automatic Installation of Kamban Keyboard layout.
  • Provision of Maduram font supporting complete set of Unicode Standard Version 5.1.
  • Typing in Tamil in all Microsoft Windows application using slightly modified version of Kamban Keyboard layout.
  • E-Mail and chatting in Tamil.
  • Naming of Files in Tamil.
  • Easy switching between English and Tamil.
  • Tamil Numerals and symbol sets.

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At Kamban we believe in simplicity and ease of use. We understand that all our users are not technical. We strive to provide better software and listen to feedback from our customers to provide timely updates and bug fixes.