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Kamban Software has been serving the Tamil Community since 1994. We were the pioneers of Tamil Fonts, Standards and Tamil Word Processors. We were part of Font standards Committee, supporting Government Standards and providing consultancy. Little wonder our product had made in-roads into Government Organisations and Universities. Our applications are sold world-wide and we have a solid user base.

Our success in the Software Industry is attributed to simplicity as our Products are aimed at non-technical person and make it easier to use

Currently as we enter into 15th year of our establishment we are providing most of our software free. Our range of products are now organised in an E-Commerce model, making it easier for you to download the products. Do visit again and again to check for our new range of products. When you register with us, you can also get emails on our new releases.

Before continuing to browse our site, make sure you have read and understood the following. We do not have support staff to support. All our support are limited and through Contact form submission only. Expect the response to be at least two business days.

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For Corporate and Businesses if you are in need of Fonts, Font Developments, Website consultation or IT Consultancy, please contact us. Our first consultancy is always free and our services are very economical.

Recent Releases

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KWP Convertor

In 1999 Tamil Nadu Government introduced two variations for Tamil fonts known as TAM / TAB fonts. These are typically called as TN99 standard fonts. Our KWP 3.03 Wordprocessor was released around that time based on these font

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Kamban Unicode Convertor

Kamban Unicode Convertor will convert Government of Tamil Nadu TN99 standard  TAM / TAB font encoding, TSCII standard and Adhawin font encoding to Unicode format. Also for the first time, we have introduced Kannada Font

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Kamban Unicode Fonts

All our Unicode Fonts are tested for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Our Main font - Kalyani and Maduram are provided with Ubuntu Linux distribution. We have provided Akshar Font to mobile phone developers as a single font to represent all